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General Play
Killing another player will count towards your criminal stats. Killing NPCs, however, do not count towards your stats.

Drugs can be harvested, packaged and sold to drug dealers and the drug cartel. Each player can only hold limited amounts of raw material: 20 weed, 15 cocaine, and 10 meth. Players can hold unlimited amounts of packaged drugs.

Harvesting drugs can be completed at each respective harvesting plant. Meth requires one Pseudoephedrine per harvest and Cocaine requires a razor blade to be harvested (the razor blade can be repeatedly used). Harvesting drugs do not count towards your criminal stats.

Packaging drugs is completed at their respective packaging plants. It takes 5 "raw" drugs to create one baggy of the drug, which can be sold to the drug dealers or drug cartel. For example, if your player has 10 harvested meth in their inventory, you can create two baggies of meth to be sold. Packaging drugs counts towards your criminal stats.

Drugs can be sold to their respective drug dealers in small quantities (one at a time). Drugs can also be sold in bulk to the Drug Cartel. You must sell a total of 10 or more packaged drugs to the cartel at a time. There is an added cash bonus to selling in bulk; however, the cartel is aggressive may attack you when you sell to them. Each packaged drug sold counts towards your criminal stats.

Lock Picking
Lock Picks can be purchased at all shops, including hero and bandit traders. Lock Picks can be utilized to attempt to gain access to any locked vehicle in the city, including other player's personal vehicles. The more rare a car is, the lower chances of a successful pick. Each successful pick attempt counts towards your criminal stats.

Chop Shop
Stolen luxury and exotic cars can be sold for a fraction of their original cost to the Chop Shop. Players may utilize Lock Picks to steal luxury cars, or the cars can be stolen from other players if they are not locked. Each vehicle sold to the Chop Shop counts towards your criminal stats.

Bounty Hunting
Other players may place bounties on a player's head at the Bounty Hunter vendor. If a player is online who has a bounty, they will appear on the map as a red skull with the bounty amount next to their name. Upon killing a player with a bounty, you will collect the cash bounty and the death will count towards your criminal stats.

There are various types of heists around the map, including Store Robberies, Bank Robberies and a Casino Heist.
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